Are you a new home builder or building contractor? Are your clients interested in the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems? We can help.

Quest Geothermal is dedicated to providing the highest quality systems, service and installation for your geothermal projects.  We are certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, and we have directly overseen the installation of hundreds of geothermal home heating and cooling systems. This is expertise you can rely on every step of the way in a geo-partnership with Quest.  We focus almost solely on geothermal installations for the home.

Our philosophy is to do one thing and do it right.

To ensure that your production schedule stays on track, we will coordinate systems installation with your onsite supervisor and HVAC installer. Our consultant will work with you to make sure the geothermal system is designed specifically for the application, and all technical and sizing information will be provided.

Sales Support

• Point-of-sale literature (with builders logo)

• Point-of-sale displays (with builders logo)

• Direct customer help-line and email address

• Model Home Display program – credits from each installation towards operating unit for model home

Pricing Tools

• Easy-to-use templates for pricing and ordering equipment

Installation expertise

• Co-ordinate and manage installation and design of loop

• Provide HVAC supplier with all the information required for the installation

• Co-ordinate and manage installation of geothermal equipment and provide start up

• Perform orientation with customers upon closing

Comprehensive Warranty and Maintenance Package

• 5-year warranty on all parts and labor

• 5-year warranty on all parts

• 10-year warranty on all major refrigeration components

• Complimentary tune up in the winter of first operating season

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