Quest Geothermal specializes in the installation of radiant floor heating systems powered by geothermal energy.  While radiant floor heating systems have been in use for centuries (dating back to ancient Rome), recent home builder surveys suggest that a significant portion of new home owners would prefer radiant floor heating systems over other heating system types.

Geothermal radiant floor heating systems are similar to traditional in-floor heating systems, in that they are designed to circulate heated water through tubes in the floor in order to heat your home.  Regulating the flow of hot water through the floor loops controls the temperature in each room of your home.

Some of the advantages associated with in-floor Geothermal heating systems include:

›  Geothermal is ideal for in-floor heating applications.

›  Spacing between floor loops can be modified to allow the heat pump to operate at lower temperatures.

›  Sensors can be added to help regulate water temperature relative as to the outdoor temperature.

›  Allows for climate control on a per-room basis.

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