Quest Geothermal is dedicated to providing the highest quality systems, service and installation for your geothermal projects. We are certified by the CGC (Canadian GeoExchange Coalition) and have directly overseen the installation of hundreds of geothermal home heating and cooling systems. This is expertise you can rely on every step of the way in a geo-partnership with Quest. We strive to provide our customers with all the information required to make a knowledgeable purchasing decision. Here’s what to expect:

• PowerPoint presentation of Geothermal, how it works and how it applies to the customer
• Heat loss of home
• Operational comparison of Geo vs current method
• Accurate quotation of proposed installation along with monthly finance charge (TD financing)
• Return on investment scenario

Pre Inspection

• Site visit to confirm loop location
• Confirm installation details with customer
• Measure duct work and installation requirements
• Confirm any locates required
• Confirm installation schedule with customer

Installation – Loop

• Proper stake out of any relevant utilities, septics or well lines etc
• Use of equipment mats to protect finished driveways etc.
• Containment fencing for all vertical drills

Installation – Equipment

• Timely and professional geothermal installation
• Proper drop sheets to protect customers property
• Stair walkers to ensure the safe delivery of the heat pump to the basement
• Fully equipped installation vehicles complete with all specialized equipment including flush carts, fusion equipment and proper start up and commissioning tools
• Fully trained installation crews
• Ave length of inside installation is 1-2 days
• Fully documented start up and commissioning of equipment

Post Installation

• Visit site to inspect geothermal furnace function and review overall geothermal system installation
• Do check list with customer

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