We’ve reserved this section of our website to highlight some of the nice things our customers have said about our company and the work we’ve performed on their behalf. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the level of service we provide. We encourage you to spend a few minutes exploring some of our customer testimonials.

Just a note of observation and delight about our new Quest Geothermal System. This is an update of how things are working out. Since the installation in March of 2011, we experience several improvements not only in the air we breathe but the cost efficiency of the system.

Our cost for the same 10 months previous (March 2010 to Dec 2010)

Mar. to Dec 2010
oil furnace
$2799 Mar. to Dec. 2011 $0.00 Savings of $2799
Mar. to Dec 2010
$1685 Mar. to Dec. 2011 $1908 Increase of $223
Net savings to date
(over a ten month period)

The coldest months January and February have yet to be charged. Last years oil bills for January and February 2011 amounted to $1533, a cost we will not have this year.

Total estimated savings will be over $4109.00 for 2011/2012!!!

Certainly the cost plays a huge part in our investment, however we are experiencing much better regulated temperature, the system is very quiet, and we are replacing approximately 5 to 6 tons of bad gasses, with zero gasses, into our atmosphere and immediate surroundings.
Also we expected that the system would save us about half of the monthly financing payments, and it looks like we are saving the total payment.

I have shared this with a number of friends and am now convinced that it also adds incredible sales value should we decide to sell our home. The upgrades we made in order to qualify for the Government Grant will be covered within two years of this system being installed.

One of the very pleasant experiences was the professionalism of the different crews that came to prepare the site and install, set and test the system. None of the personnel were hesitant in answering any of my doubts or technical questions. Very easy to deal with. Your sales staff is AAA. So nice to experience real service for a change.

Gratefully and totally sold

Peter and Yvonne
Zephyr Ontario

Video Testimonial

Diane Ward

I just had to write because I am so impressed with the service you give. Of course I love my furnace, but more, I love the service I receive. We started with a high pitched noise and you went to all kinds of trouble to make it disappear. Then I had a pump break this winter and Roy was here quickly. My propane water heater burst last week and so I had it taken out. I called and again Roy came within a couple of hours and connected the new heater that came with the furnace. Later, around dinner time he called, on a Friday evening, just to make sure I had hot water. Thank you Roy. If anyone wants to talk to me about buying a geothermal from you, please continue to do so. I have sold 3 units for you already by people asking me.

Thank you for being a caring company,
Diane Ward.

Keith and Judy
Queensville, ON

It is coming up to our 1-year anniversary for the installation of our Quest Geothermal System installation. We are extremely happy with the unit and very glad we made the decision to “go Geo”. I would say that the main benefits we have found so far are:

  • Comfort. During both the heating and cooling seasons the system runs with extremely constant temperatures. With standard furnaces you often feel cool when the unit is not running and too warm towards the end of the heating cycle. Geothermal eliminates these cycles with constant temperatures in both the heating and cooling modes.
  • Quiet. You hardly know if the unit is working or not.
  • Subsidized hot water. When the system is in the heating mode it generates hot water as a by-product of heating the house.
  • Savings. I think our Propane supplier has forgotten where we live. Too soon to tell what the savings will be but they will be substantial.

We were very impressed with the service we received from Quest from the day we met at the Home Show. Once we had decided to go with Quest Geothermal I was surprised to see how quickly the system was installed. It was very interesting to see the pond loop installed and the inside installation work was carried out in a very neat and professional way. We are completely satisfied with the installation.

Please feel free to use our names as a reference to any of your future clients.

Regards Keith and Judy
Queensville, ON

Alison and Rod
Mt. Albert, On

Regarding the Geothermal system, we are very happy with it and as you note we are just shy of a year for comparison and I have done some calculations which seem too good to be true. Our costs are far lower than expected so I was reviewing them again. 2009 / 2010 seemed to be a mild winter so I would be curious to know if you have the info on the relative number of heating units or BTU that would have been required for heat over previous years.

I have estimated that our total energy costs for 2010 will be about $2200 including taxes. For 2009 our total was $1872 for electricity and $2100 to $2300 for oil (trying to estimate based on usage and when the tank was filled and this is an estimate if we had used the furnace up to the end of December –for a full 12 months for comparison purposes. This is actually lower than most recent years. I had said we spent $2500(2008/2009 heating season) to $3300 (2008 calendar year) because we had a fill up at $1.15 and one at $1.07 during 2008 (and our Ultramar dealer waited till it went down from $1.30 to $1.15)

The calculations you did estimated a cost of $1300 to $1700 in extra expense to run the Geothermal (11c to 13c per kwh and it is now 16.5c/kwh with price increase and the HST which I figure added about $110 to our costs this year, $50 + $60 respectively) If you take $2090 in Electricity costs for 2010 (factoring out the $110 in increases) less the $1872 in electricity costs for 2009 we get $218 in increased electricity cost for Geothermal for 2010 which is why you can understand why it seems to be too good to be true!!

When I did an initial estimate for Dec 2009 to Mar 2010 I figured it cost us about $450 in additional electricity which I was happy with because I figured it was about 30% of what we would have spent on oil.

I’m not sure how this will translate into ROI or payback period but would make the numbers even more favorable.

We have had the fan on, on a regular basis to keep the air moving as our basement seems to get damp and we do use a dehumidifier regularly in the summer but this isn’t a change so I am wondering if the old oil furnace fan used a lot of energy.

As far as the system goes, the house is more comfortable because if we set the thermostat at 68° and the temp goes down to 67°, the furnace goes on and the system cycles regularly (there was a far greater degree of fluctuation with oil). I also think that the air quality in the house has improved dramatically (oil leaves a dirty greasy film on things, especially in the basement). The installation could not have gone any smoother, the inside and outside teams were very professional and cleaned things up. I did have a gentleman call that you had referred asking about outside mess and I explained to him that it was not a long trench to the pond but that Quest had done their best to smooth it out and we had very little to do in the spring.

Air conditioning – we did use it this summer probably more than we would have with the old system, but this may be the first time we have ever had it on in May and also in September. It definitely made the house more comfortable in a hurry, we usually only had it on for a couple of hours (intermittently).


Alison and Rod
Mt. Albert, On

Claire and Andrew
Orangeville, ON.

We appreciated that you took the time to look in detail at our current configuration. It is not typical, but you came up with a well thought out solution. The other vendor we looked at rushed this part of the process and we were concerned there would be costs/problems later. Your genuine enthusiasm for Geothermal also swayed our decision. The fact that you have one for your own home says a lot. We did not feel pressured at all. Your sincerity made us confident we would receive good service/follow-up throughout the process.

Given the scale of the installation there are many aspects that have to come together and opportunities for details to get missed. I was happy with the process; things come about in a project this size but they were all handled well and quickly. I’m also impressed by how neat and tidy the installation was. I was worried my house would be a disaster, but it was perfect, no complaints and I know I’m picky!

Having not been through a real hot/cold spell yet we have not had a true test of the system but I do notice how quiet it is. I like not hearing the furnace firing up. I also like how constant the temp is, and how well the air circulates, big improvement from before.

I wish we had made this choice sooner, it’s a great investment. We were really not informed otherwise we would have. After approximately 7 days we have an investment that will save us $4,000 min a year. Not to mention I will love not having to dig a path to our propane tank every winter! Having designed/built our house we have worked with many trades, Quest was by far one of the best. It’s great to see a company that takes pride in its work. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Claire and Andrew

Uxbridge, ON

The sales process and installation process were handled very efficiently. I was very pleased with the follow-up and willingness of the entire team to answer questions. Our heating savings exceeded our expectations; not only that but our basement is much warmer than we experienced with our oil furnace!

Dan – Uxbridge

Fred & Joan
Stouffville ON

The heating over the winter was very good and now with the heat wave we are experiencing the house is very comfortable with the cooling system. The hydro bill is much more ‘comfortable’ now as well.

We appreciate how you have looked after us, not pushing and always available for the extra information or to come to the house when we needed it.

Both the inside and outside installers were courteous, respectful and helpful.

Thanks again for all your help Glen, it’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

Fred and Joan

P. Munzer
Tottenham, ON.

We began seriously looking at geothermal heating options after our annual oil heating bills consistently started exceeding $4,000 a year. In mid winter we would see $800 a month fuel fill charges which were becoming painful. After making the decision to put a system in, the next priority was to find a reputable installer that had the expertise to design and install a system properly.

We ended up choosing Quest and their Next Energy system based on feedback from a business associate who had a system put in a year ago as well as references from other Quest customers. Part of the choice was also based on talking to some traditional HVAC installers who installed Geothermal as a side line and not finding them technically qualified enough to trust.

The installation took less than a week and was done professionally. The system has worked well since installation and we are looking forward to reduced heating costs this winter.

Mike and Odette
Queensville, ON

My wife and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our recent Geo Thermal installation. We just spent the warmest winter ever! It performed just as you said it would. The installation went exactly as planned. Stuart and his team were courteous and explained the equipments operation to the last detail. For the longest time I was convinced that customer service was something from a time gone by.

Your company has changed my mind. Any questions we had after the installation were answered quickly and efficiently and even included visits to the property. Thanks once again for all your help in making the whole process so painless. We are already enjoying the benefits of the almost free air conditioning!