Contrary to popular belief, most existing homes can be converted to geothermal heating and cooling systems with relative ease.  While replacing older hot water boiler systems may provide certain challenges, we have the experience and expertise to help you make an educated decision about converting to a geothermal heating and cooling system.  Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, our geothermal systems can help you save over 75% on your annual heating, air conditioning, and water heating costs.

•  Most existing homes can be converted to Geothermal (some hot water boiler systems may offer some challenges).
•  Save up to 75% on existing home heating, water heating and air conditioning costs.
•  Financing solutions through TD Bank with low interest non secured loans amortized up to 10 years.
•  Installation crews are specially trained for the installation of residential geothermal applications.
•  Rubberized drop sheets, automated stair walker are just a couple of the innovations to ensure a quick neat and professional installation.

The Process:

Home Visit and Evaluation
•  Homeowner to make arrangements for Quest represenatative to visit – 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
•  Establish the correct size – Quest will perform shell heat loss of house.
•  Establish the operating costs or Geo vs. Current fuel type.
•  Provide quotation for costs to install Geothermal system.
•  Provide Return on investment  scenario.
•  Provide all the relevant information to make decision.

Upon Purchase

•  Installation manager to meet with customer prior to installation to ensure that the install will happen as discussed.
•  All scheduling of loop and equipment will then be communicated to customer.

•  Equipment installations are usually performed within two days.
•  Outside loop installations are generally performed in a day.

Post Installation Assessment
•  Quest representative will visit customer to review installation and ensure that the customer understands the operation of the equipment.
•  Leave customer with all warranty, finance or pertinent rebate information.

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