The ducting system for a Geothermal installation is similar to that used in a traditional heating and cooling system.  The only major difference is that it is tied into a Geothermal Loop.  Quest Geothermal ducting systems are specifically designed to reduce system noise through the use of noise dampening duct insulation and canvas connections at the main supply.

Some of the distinct advantages associated with ducted geothermal systems include:

›  Systems accommodate both air conditioning and heating.

›  Provides a higher level of comfort, compared to fossil fuel furnaces.

›  Maintains a much lower output temperature and four stages of heat.

›  Optimizes output to ensure long, even operating cycles.

›  More mixing to ensure constant temperature.

›  Most ground source heat pumps can be wired to operate on dehumidifying mode, which helps reduce humidity in the air.

›  Most ground source heat pumps are equipped with an ECM motor, to help ensure quiet and efficient distribution of air.

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