Experienced Geothermal Contractor Quest Geothermal Installs Geothermal Heating and Cooling in the DiBella Home

Client spotlight: Jason and Suzy DiBella
The DiBella’s live with their two children in Zephyr in a 2,700 sq. ft. three-level log home. They recently spoke about why they chose a geothermal system.

Why were you interested in going geothermal?
We moved to our home last July from Toronto and wanted to replace the existing electric heating system because we wanted a more environmentally-friendly option and one that better fit our new lifestyle. We spent a lot of time researching different systems. We’re all about living in a healthy environment and teaching our children to take care of your environment not to abuse it. We wanted to live by example, so we soon realized that geothermal was the better solution for us because it does use a natural energy source from the earth.

What concerns did you have about converting to geothermal heating?
We didn’t really have a concern, only that we didn’t know which would be the best installation for us. However, the Quest Geothermal technicians came over and gave us a thorough presentation. From our research, we felt we understood how geothermal worked and how the unit we were getting worked. But, our main concern was who would do a proper job on the installation and construction. Experience was also important. We met with a few companies and we felt Quest best met those requirements. In the end we selected Quest as our Geothermal contractor. We were confident they had the right crew to do the right job and give 110%. It was also important that Quest’s crews work for them all the time and aren’t subcontractors form another company.

What kind of loop was installed and why did you choose that type?
Two horizontal ground loops were installed about 400 ft from the side of our property. Quest advised this option because we had the acreage to do this. The technicians recommended the five-ton Tranquility™ heat pump, air conditioner and water heater, which is what we had installed.

Did your home offer any distinct challenges?
We have a pillar at the entrance to our home, kind of like those entrance pillars you see on a ranch. So, we didn’t want to take those down or have them altered. As well, our driveway is interlocking. To avoid damaging it, the Quest technicians laid steel mats on the interlock. It was a tight squeeze with the trees we have near the house as well and Quest didn’t want to damage those either. So, the crew figured the best option was the horizontal loop running alongside the property.

Did you find the in-home consultation helpful in making a decision?
Yes. We appreciated the time that the Quest staff took in answering our questions and showing us exactly what a geothermal installation looks like using a computer. It was much easier to visualize what the process was about by looking at photos and diagrams. We also felt comfortable with the people who came to visit us and that they were knowledgeable, helpful. They answered all our questions and presented information in an honest way without any pressure.

Did the installation meet your expectation?
Absolutely. We had the work done in November 2009. The whole thing took a week. We knew exactly what the timeline was and how long the process would take. A Quest project manager came over before the work started to give us a clear sense of what would happen. Then, on the day the work began, he also came over to make sure the job went smoothly. He left his phone number with us and told us to call him if we had any questions. We knew day by day each step of the process. With two kids, it was great for me knowing this work schedule so that I could plan around it.

What do you enjoy most about your geothermal installation?
I would say it’s the even air flow throughout the house that makes the difference. There’s no hot or cool spots. Plus, our house has a lot of windows and still, the whole house is warm.

Also, I know we’re paying less than half of what we used to pay in our city home, so that’s a big bonus.

Would you recommend Quest to your friends?
Yes, definitely. It’s funny because we were referred to another geothermal company by friends but we chose Quest after meeting with their staff rather than the company referred to us.

As we were doing our research, we saw signs that Quest Geothermal had put up at homes where they had done work. In fact, two weeks before we moved in to our home, Quest had just completed a job at a house down the street from us.

Anything else you would like to say about your experience with Quest?
We made the right choice. We were happy with the job, what we were told would happen materialized. It was a big job and when it came together quickly and was manageable, that was important to me. Quest followed up with a visit and gave me a complete file in a binder with all the paperwork. They had copies of all the rebate forms we needed in hard copy and on computer disk. It was easy for me, I didn’t need to figure out how to get the rebates, everything was there and it was easy to sign and pop in the mail.

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