The Wear’s Geothermal Installation

Client Spotlight: Jack and Dianne Wear

The Wears live in King City on a one-and-a-quarter acre property. Their house is a 35-year-old two-storey split-level. We spoke recently with Dianne Wear about the couple’s experience installing a geothermal system in their home.

Why were you interested in going geothermal?
Our oil furnace broke down so basically we needed a new system. Fuel costs are so high that we didn’t really want to buy another oil system or go with gas, which is also expensive. Also, we could not install a furnace due to the lack of appropriate venting for it.

My husband attended a ‘green fair’ featuring a variety of vendors, including Quest Geothermal. He spent quite a while speaking with their company representatives and arranged for an appointment with one of their representatives. Geothermal sounded like a viable option but we needed to have more information.

What concerns did you have with converting to geothermal heating?
Prior to doing research into geothermal, we didn’t know that much about it. I would say we were concerned because we weren’t that informed. So, we did a lot of research such as speaking with the company that builds the geothermal units, contacting several geothermal companies and getting estimates, installations methods and pricing, searching website chat line for geothermal owners’ comments and checking the availability of service and types of units.

My husband has had a hybrid car for several years and we’re sensitive to being environmentally-conscious. The more we learned, the more we realized this was the way for us to go. Geothermal is environmentally-friendly.

What kind of loop was installed and why did you choose that type?
A vertical loop as it made sense because it was better to situate the installation in the front yard. Even though our lot is large there is poor accessibility to the back yard for large trucks. The Quest Geothermal technical staff recommended a vertical loop in our situation.

Did your home or property offer any distinct challenges?
The main issue was trying to fit a geothermal furnace system into the area of the furnace room that has a lower ceiling.

How did Quest Geothermal address those challenges?
The Quest Geothermal installers measured the area and were able to install the system properly in the upright position.

Did you find the in-home consultation helpful in making a decision?
Yes. The technicians took quite a while to look around our home, asked questions to gather information and answered our questions thoroughly. If they didn’t have an answer, they said they would find out and get back to us, which they did. They didn’t try to bluff through or say they could do something even if they knew it wouldn’t be right.

Did the installation meet your expectation?
We wanted the Tranquility™27 which is a heating system, air conditioner plus air filter and water heater combined. The installation was done in July 2009 and I remember that 15 minutes after turning on the system and setting the temperature, the house was lovely and cool. The system is so quiet too.

In the winter, the best way I can describe it is to say it’s a “warmer” heat. We can set the system at 68 °F and it feels like 70 °F or 72.

What do you enjoy the most about your geothermal installation?
Our house is cool in summer and warm in winter and we’re saving money. It also heats the water efficiently.

Would you recommend Quest Geothermal to your friends?
I already have done this and will continue to do so. During the installation, several friends and neighbours came over to observe the process. After the geothermal installation was completed, they’ve been over to see how the system works and ask questions about geothermal and also the installation process.

Anything else you would like to say about your experience with Quest?
The staff answered all our questions but weren’t pushy. They didn’t call us constantly asking if we had made a decision, I liked that. They waited for us to call them back. Everyone was friendly, efficient and professional, reliable and honest.

I would suggest that anyone considering geothermal should do their own research to learn more. That’s the best advice I could give people.

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