Marion Gibson’s Geothermal Installation

Client spotlight: Marion Gibson
Marion Gibson lives in Uxbridge Township on a nine-acre property. Her home is a 40-year-old brick bungalow. During a recent interview, Mrs. Gibson explained why she chose a geothermal system.

Why were you interested in going geothermal?
I had an oil furnace that was the original one when my house was built, so it was time to start looking at options. I knew I needed another system. In the country, our choices are limited, gas isn’t available, oil and hydro were too costly so I started looking at alternatives. I attended a presentation by Quest Geothermal at the community centre in Sandford. From there, I researched four energy companies, three of which focused on geothermal.

What concerns did you have with converting to geothermal heating?
Although I had heard a little about it, I didn’t really know that much so I had to learn more. I also went on the internet to do some research and started to understand how geothermal works. As I found out more, I began to understand better. Plus, the cost to heat and cool sounded better than oil or hydro.

What kind of loop was installed and why did you choose that type?
The Quest technical staff installed a pond loop because it was the most economical. The pond was deep enough to accommodate the loop and they recommended that as the best option.

Did your home or property offer any distinct challenges?
I have a lot of trees and that, I believe, was another reason Quest Geothermal recommended the pond loop so that they could leave the trees undisturbed.

Did you find the in-home consultation helpful in making a decision?
Yes. The reason I ended up choosing Quest was that they were more knowledgeable about geothermal than the other companies I talked to. Quest’s staff was friendly and answered my questions. I could see that as a recognized and trusted geothermal dealer, they also had a good working relationship with the manufacturers of the geothermal heating and cooling systems which I thought was important.

Did the installation meet your expectation?
The Quest team did the work very quickly. It was the last day of November 2009 and they came in on a Tuesday and were finished on Thursday. I appreciated they kept the downtime to a minimum. They even left me an electric heater once they had removed my old furnace just so I wouldn’t be without any heat. They installed the new system right away. I got the four-ton Tranquility™27 combined heating and air conditioning system plus the air filter and water heater. I remember I had hot water the same day the system was installed.

What do you enjoy most about your geothermal installation?
There’s better air flow throughout the house and it’s very quiet. I just set the thermostat and it’s easy. The hot water tank has a good recovery rate too.

Would you recommend Quest Geothermal to your friends and family?
I already have done this and yes, I’ll continue to do so.

Anything else you would like to say about your experience with Quest?
I found the Quest staff were good workers and very efficient.

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