Quest Geothermal is dedicated to providing the highest quality of installation for your Geothermal projects. Our focus is solely on Geothermal installations for residential and commercial applications. Our CGC (Canadian Geoexchange Coalition) accredited designer/installer has personally overseen the installation of hundreds of Geothermal home heating systems.

Our philosophy is to do one thing and do it right.

• Our consultants will work with you to ensure your geothermal system is designed specifically for your application.
• Our technicians are specifically trained for geothermal installations.
• Our vehicles are equipped with all the equipment to facilitate any type of Geothermal installations.

Making the installation of a Geothermal system easy.

• At Quest Geothermal we specialize in the installation of Geothermal heating and cooling

• We will simply replace your existing home heating source with a Geothermal System custom designed to meet your heating and cooling needs.

•We will partner with your existing contractor to specifically design and install your custom Geothermal System

Replace your existing Furnace

• Replace your existing oil/propane/natural gas or electric heating system with a highly efficient zero emission Geothermal Heating system and enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of consistent heat and cooling all year round.

For New Homes

• Have your general contractor use their existing HVAC contractor to install the distribution system whether it be in-floor heating or forced air ductwork.
• We will simply install the Geothermal components and ground loops as per the manufactures requirements and CGS Standards.

All the information you need in one visit

• Quest Geothermal offers professional in-home Geothermal consultation, covering design, cost, savings and Return on Investment. We will provide you with:

• PowerPoint presentations of Geothermal and how it can work for you
• Detailed heat loss data of your home to properly size the equipment
• Comparison analysis of typical energy savings with Geothermal
• Detailed in home quotation with monthly payment options
• Return on investment analysis to provide all the data
• Consultation and assistance on maximizing all available government grants and rebate programs

Our educational in home consultation is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our dedicated staff will spend the time to evaluate your needs, and will work with you to determine which Geothermal system is right for your application.

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